The SHINE Program was created in 2009 to promote citizenship, sportsmanship, and build youth of strong moral character during critically unsupervised hours. The program has served over one thousand elementary students through after school activities, youth leadership programs, and community clubs throughout the city of Yuma. 


In 2020, SHINE adopted the Boys and Girls Center located at 1100 S. 13th Avenue Yuma, Arizona. SHINE continues to teach youth character education, fundamentals of sports, and skills for overall health and wellness. Our Center is equipped with a STEM Lab, Art Room, Homework Room, Junior Room, Gaming Area, Library, Gym, and Theater. We work with various governmental agencies, businesses, and volunteers with clinical and social work backgrounds to provide the best After School experience for our youth. 

After School Program

Monday – Friday |2:00 PM – 5:30 PM

$75 monthly fee per child

  • 2nd child $60

  • 3rd $40, additional children $30


$40 military discount price (per child)



$20 monthly per child (OC Johnson, HLS, Ronald Regan | walk with staff from OC Johnson)

$10 military discount price (per child)

Late Fees

$25 late pick-up after 5:35 PM (per child)

$10 late payment after the 5th of the month (per day)


$40 returned check fee

Summer Camp and Breaks 


$100 weekly fee per child

  • 2nd $80

  • 3rd $60, additional children $50