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Mentor Leader Curriculum

SHINE’s Mentor Leader program was recently established, due to the commitment of select members and graduates of The SHINE Program.  The Mentor Leader program is offered to youth grades seven through twelve.  Several youth participate in the weekly training program designed to educate and develop participants to become Mentors.  In short, the participants engage in:

(1) Character Education, (2) Human Relations, (3) Physical Fitness and Nutrition, (4) Field Practice, (5) Community Service, (6) Career Planning, and (7) CPR and First Aid training and certification.

In 2016, we graduated six participants from this 36-week program and they became certified Mentors.  They all contribute as volunteers for The SHINE Program.

In 2017, we received accreditation from Arizona Western College. Today, nineteen enrolled students will receive college credit in Human Relations at the successful completion of the program.  As their capstone project, students will host a “Day of Peace” on Saturday, May 12th from 7:30 AM to Noon at the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club.  This year’s program was sponsored by the Yuma Sunrise Rotary, Optimist Club of Yuma, Arizona Housing Development Corporation, and the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club.

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