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The SHINE Program


The SHINE Program is owned by Arizona Housing Development

Corporation (AHDC), in partnership with the Housing Authority

City of Yuma (HACY). The SHINE Program (“Diamonds in the

Rough”) is an after-school sports and character education program

offered to youth grades three through six.  SHINE is currently

offered in four locations: two Public Housing developments and two

school districts in high-poverty neighborhoods within the community.


The program is designed to promote constructive, activity during critical and typically unsupervised after-school hours.  The program is designed to teach youth the fundamentals of team sports and facilitate a general understanding of various games, such as baseball/softball, basketball, soccer, football, field-hockey, kickball, etc. Additionally, the program serves to challenge individuals physically and mentally, aids in fostering team spirit, promotes healthy competition, conditions discipline, develops citizenship and good sportsmanship, and builds youth of strong moral character.  Finally, the program focuses on physical fitness, exercise, nutrition, and overall health and wellness. 


SHINE reaches out to approximately 250 youth annually.  The SHINE Program budget is largely comprised of local donations and sponsorship as well as fundraisers totaling approximately $7,000 annually. The annual unrestricted set-aside contribution of approximately $6,000 for program supplies, equipment, uniforms, awards and celebration.  All staff are volunteer or grant-funded.


The SHINE Program received an award from Arizona NAHRO for Program Innovation of the Year.  It was also a Finalist for Outstanding After-school Program and nominated for the Heart of Yuma Award.

Effective after-school programs bring a wide range of benefits to youth, families and communities. After school-programs can boost academic performance, reduce risky behaviors, promote physical health, and provide a safe, structured environment for the children of working parents.

  • Attending after-school programs can improve students’ academic performance.

  • Effective after-school programs can improve classroom behavior

  • Participation in after-school programs has been associated with reduced drug use

  • After-school programs can play an important role in encouraging physical activity and good dietary habits. 

  • Working families and businesses also derive benefits from after school programs that ensure that youth have a safe place to go while parents are at work.

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