The SHINE Program is an after-school sports program offered to eligible youth of the Yuma County.  SHINE originally started in the Carver School Nighborhood in 2009.  We are now located in various locations throughout the City of Yuma.  The program is designed to promote constructive activity during critical and typically unsupervised after-school hours.  This program is designed to teach youth the fundamentals of playing sports and facilitate a general understanding of various games, such as softball/baseball, soccer, basketball, football, etc. Additionally, this program will serve to challenge individuals physically and mentally, aid in fostering team spirit, promote healthy competition, condition discipline, develop citizenship, good sportsmanship, and build youth of strong moral character.  Finally, this program will focus on physical fitness, exercise, nutrition, and overall health and wellness.  The program meets weekly at multiple locations in Yuma, Arizona.
Mentoring is a critical element in every child's social, emotional, and cognitive development. It builds a sense of competency, boosts academic performance, and broadens horizons. Along with parents, mentors help young people realize their potential by providing them with support, advice, encouragement, and friendship. After school programs can utilize federal mentoring funding to create an ideal platform for successful mentoring programs.
The Future Sounds Good
The SHINE Program is run by a group of volunteers dedicated to serving the youth of Yuma, Arizona.  Michael Morrissey  Executive Director of the Housing Authority City of Yuma (HACY), serves as the Program Director. We also have a wonderful group of volunteers that serve as team coaches.  The SHINE Program is proud to say that it is a volunteer based organization.  Without the continued dedication of its Coaches The SHINE Program would not exist.
The SHINE Program Benefits
Kids Benefit From After-School Programs
  • Increases Academic Effort and Decreases Likelihood of Skipping School. After-school programs offer the opportunity for kids to not only work on their homework but to get help if they need it. 
  • Fewer Emotional and Behavioral Problems. 
  • Improves Leadership Skills. 
  • Helps Keep Children Physically Active and Learn Healthy Habits.
Kids benefits in a team sport structure
  • Develops Self-Esteem. 
  • Regular Exercise. 
  • Teaches Leadership Skills.
  • Teamwork.
  • Stronger Relationships. 
  • Better Communicators.
  • Teaches Respect.
  • Time Management.
Health Benefits of Playing Sports
  • Healthy Heart
  • Diabetes Control
  • Weight Management
  • Lower Hypertension
  • Balanced Cholesterol Levels
  • Improved Blood Circulation
  • Stronger Immunity
  • Muscle Toning
  • Positive Attitude
  • Boosts Self-esteem

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